About Us

A brand representing luxe modern Indian wear featuring traditional elegance coupled with contemporary silhouettes. This line fully and completely imbues the lifestyle of our sister designers and fashion icons, Kirtana & Darshana. They had a growing passion for customizing their Indian clothes by continually innovating distinctive styles. The brand embodies everything from your western cuts to your classic traditional look - revolutionizing fashion. Bold, vibrant and confident silhouettes that will take you to the runway.

This lifestyle brands eases our clients with a vast selection for all occasions and functions calling for their A-game. With a special eye and attention to detail, each ensemble is curated with hand selected premium fabrics. The process of customization begins well in advance prior to our client’s order entry. The designers scout worldwide to bring the most premium details and thoughtfully sketch out each ensemble. The final product? Show stopping womenswear for any woman who sees the world as her runway.