Measure Me

                                        FRONT                     BACK                                          

  1. SHOULDER FULL LENGTH :  measure from the back from one end of the shoulder to the other end
  2. BLOUSE LENGTH:                measure from top of one shoulder to the point where your blouse will end
  1. NECK DEPTH:                      start at shoulder and measure diagonal to the depth of chest
  2. STRAP WIDTH:                    only needed for sleeveless blouses or certain styles like boatneck, etc.
  3. ABOVE CHEST:                    measure around above the chest
  4. AROUND CHEST:                 measure around right in the middle of the chest
  5. BELOW CHEST:                   measure around below the chest
  6. AROUND WAIST:                 measure around the waist where the blouse will sit
  7. TO POINT:                           measure from top of shoulder to Point “X” 
  1. BACK DEPTH:                       measure from top of backside shoulder to middle
  2. BACK STRAP LENGTH:           length of blouse minus back depth measurement
  1. ARM HOLE:                          measure from top of shoulder and go around the armpit
  2. SLEEVE LENGTH:                 measure how long you want your sleeves starting at end of your shoulder
  3. AROUND BICEP:                   measure around your bicep (¾ or full sleeves, measure elbow, forearm and wrist accordingly)
 A.  LEHENGA LENGTH:         hold the measuring tape at the point where the lehenga will sit and drop the tape. For high-waisted, hold up higher where you want to wear it. Don't forget to ADD the height of your heels in the measurement.
B.   AROUND WAIST:            measure around the waist where your lehenga will sit
C.  AROUND BUTTOCKS:      measure around the middle of your buttocks